Insurance Agency Phone Etiquette: How to Get It Right

It’s true that some people would rather send a text or email than talk on the phone these days. But insurance coverage can be complicated, and chances are your customers will have plenty of questions that can be handled much more efficiently through a phone conversation. In addition, your business building plan might involve cold-calling. As an insurance agent/broker, you might find yourself on the phone for a large portion of the day. Here’s a list of guidelines for making a good impression on the phone.

The Art of the Follow-Up: Tips for Insurance Agents

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Insurance customers have a lot of choices these days. From larger insurance companies to local independent agents, there are plenty of companies trying to get their business—and if you want to win, it’s your job to cut through the noise. One of the ways you can do that is through effective follow-up.

Even among agencies that invest heavily in sales and marketing, follow-up is one of the areas where few excel. But it can be an extremely effective sales tool. Here are a few sales tips for insurance agents on mastering the art of the follow-up.