OR - General Liability

J.E. Brown & Associates offers admitted and non-admitted options for mono-line CGL coverage. We can offer competitive solutions for unique risks for 100+ classes of business including some hard to place contractors. J.E.Brown affords our retailers online access and issuance capability via Single Sign On. Excess and Umbrella coverage is also available for many classes. For more nuanced risks, our experienced staff welcomes submissions by application.

OR - 10+ Scheduled Dwelling Program

Partnering with American Modern, J.E. Brown & Associates offers coverage for customers with ten or more dwellings to insure. We provide the ability to schedule an unlimited number of 1-6 family dwellings, with a 10 location minimum. Vacant and tenant occupancy can be accommodated, and coverage can be tailored by location. Ideal for single investors or LLCs, this product provides $1M/$2M liability limits and options for ACV/RCV.

Professional Lines Expansion

CFC, DPSI, Hiscox Pro

J.E. Brown have partnered with some of the leading specialists in the professional liability world. Our A rated companies provide package and mono-line policies, as well as modular options to tailor coverage for unique risks. Whether it’s a client claiming the insured breached terms of a contract, or a merchant bank claiming the same when one of its clients has a credit card breach, our companies provide coverage for more than just negligence. Our industry specific forms are crucial for addressing the evolving professional liability market needs.

Hiscox NOW – Sell Sheets by Profession

While Hiscox NOW has made closing coverage online fast and simple, we understand selling coverage to your clients can still be a challenge

In an effort to make selling easier we are creating Sell Sheets for our top quoted professions within the industries we cover.

Sell sheets include, BY PROFESSION:
• Available products
• Average premium
• Key coverage customization(s)
• Most common lawsuits
• Claims examples
• And much more