Securing commercial coverage takes a big chunk of the day. Hours are spent gathering the right quotes, helping the client make sense of them, processing applications, and of course, the usual back and forth with carriers to finalize coverage.
Sayata removes the burden of the quote-bind-issue process allowing you to focus on your clients. With just a few pieces of basic information, you get everything you need to present and bind quotes tailored to your clients. Once a quote is chosen, the pre-filled application is completed online. You bind straight from the Sayata platform.
Of course, some situations require personal attention. We have a seasoned team of insurance professionals that ensure your clients get the coverage they need for almost any appetite.


Sayata Cyber Comparative Rater


We've got you covered with our newest offering - Cyber Liability! We are excited to announce the addition of Sayata to your dashboard! Cyber insurance needs are on the rise and according to are expected to grow to over $20 Billion in premiums by 2025. We can help you break into this market and protect your insureds with access to over seven different admitted and non-admitted carriers.

More than seven leading cyber carriers to pick from