Four Free Ways to Drum Up New Business

Whether you’re new to the insurance industry or just need ideas to get your long-running business out of a slow period, here are a few free ways to drum up new business that you may not have tried before.

Set up your Google My Business profile.

Google My Business isn’t necessarily restricted to retail locations. You can put your business on the map and take advantage of local search—which is beneficial to all types of businesses, including insurance agencies.

How to Stand Out from Your Competition

It can be difficult to differentiate yourself from your competition—but it’s essential if you want to attract business. Here are a few ways to stand out from your competition—and give prospects a reason to work with you instead.

Understand where the gaps in the market are, and how you can fill them

This one takes some market research. What is the one thing that your competitors don’t offer, that you can? What’s one area where your competitors’ customers are constantly frustrated?

Insurance Marketing: How to Get a Handle On Your Online Reviews

Online reviews can be a great way for insurance agents to build trust and generate leads. And in a perfect world, you provide excellent service and the positive reviews just keep rolling in—feeding your lead generation machine as they sing your praises. But even for those who do everything right, sometimes it’s necessary to take a more hands-on approach to your online reviews. Here are a few tips.

How to Write a Compelling Professional Insurance Agent Bio

Your professional bio is an important calling card both online and in print. It both establishes your credibility and forges a personal connection. The ideal professional bio will both inspire people to trust you and make them want to get to know you.

Of course, that’s a tall order—especially with limited space. It’s not easy to write about ourselves, and many people, even professional writers, find their own bios very difficult to write.

Five Smart Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Content

Consistently producing quality content can help your website SEO and get you a steady stream of qualified customers—if you can maintain it. But if you’re already running your own insurance business, you may not have the time and energy to maintain a consistent content creation practice as well.

Hiring a professional can take the burden off you—and help ensure great results. But if you don’t have the budget for it yet, there are a few things you can do to work smarter, not harder, in producing successful content.

Focus on quality, not quantity.

Choosing the Right Colors for Your Branding

The colors you choose for your branding can have a huge impact on your ability to attract customers and prospects. That’s because color has a profound psychological impact on all of us, even if we don’t consciously realize it.

The colors you choose for your website, logo, and other branding are often the first things people notice about your brand. Here are some guidelines for what various colors mean, and how they tend to be used in the insurance industry.

Red: Red is the color of fun, excitement, energy, and passion. It can also prompt feelings of hunger.

Four Ways to Request Online Reviews From Your Most Satisfied Customers

Online reviews can play a huge role in generating new business. According to a recent study, approximately 93% of online shoppers check out online reviews before they buy. Even a single review can really make a difference in generating new business online.

So how do you influence your happiest customers to leave positive reviews for your insurance business? Here are a few tips.

Make sure you’ve claimed your business or set up a profile on all the main review sites

Should You Produce an Insurance Webinar?

Webinars are still fairly rare in the insurance industry, but they can bring a lot of benefits. Here are a few ways webinars can make an impact.

First, if you have a new insurance product available, you’ll want to make sure your prospective customers know about it as quickly as possible. Producing a short explainer video or webinar on it is a great way to get the word out fast.

Four Ideas for Your Next Insurance Blog Post

Despite the rise of other forms of content marketing, blogging is still a crucial part of outreach strategy for many businesses.

According to a recent report from Hubspot, marketers who make it a priority are 13 times more likely to see a positive return on investment than those who don’t.

But sometimes it can be a challenge keeping the interesting, engaging topics coming—week after week. If this is a constant challenge for you, here are some topic ideas to get your insurance blogging strategy started off strong in the New Year.

How to Write Stronger Marketing Emails

Every marketer has experienced this at some point: you carefully craft an email, taking time with design elements and links and your call to action. Then you hit “send” and wait.

And your open rates aren’t as high as you expected. In fact, they’re pretty low.

It can be disappointing to put all that work into an email or series of emails and get less-than-expected results. But you don’t have to put a ton of work into an email to get great results—as long as you know the elements of strong copywriting for email marketing.

Three Easy Ways to Ask for Referrals

Despite all the effort businesses put into advertising and marketing across different mediums, perhaps the single most effective way to generate more business is through a personal referral. People trust their family and friends far more than advertising and marketing messages, no matter how strong our messaging.

But whereas you control your own advertising and marketing efforts, referrals are generated outside of your control. It can be difficult to deliberately take action to generate more referrals—difficult, but not impossible.

Four Ideas for Growing Your Social Media Reach

Social media can transform your marketing, helping you reach new customers in important market niches. But it’s not always easy or intuitive to build a strong social media following. And chances are, if you run your own insurance business, you don’t have a lot of time to devote to social media.

Here are some things you can do today to expand your social media reach—without spending tons of time online.

Know where your audience hangs out

B2B vs. B2C Insurance Marketing: Different Strategies for Different Audiences

Insurance can be sold to both consumer markets and businesses. B2B (business to business) marketing has different challenges and expectations than B2C (business to consumer) marketing. However, there are also some similarities—particularly in insurance, which is a complex product even for consumers.

Here’s a look at the different tactics and mindsets to keep in mind.

Emotion vs. logic

Secrets for Hosting an Engaging Insurance Webinar

It’s not always easy to hold an audience’s attention these days, when there are so many distractions—both online and off. Here are a few tips for hosting a webinar that keeps your audience glued to their screens.

First, in order to create a webinar that’s truly riveting, you have to know what your audience will find fascinating. It’s not always the same thing a general audience would be interested in.

Five Marketing Mistakes Every Insurance Agent Makes

There are infinite ways to market your insurance business. Some are more worth your time and money than others, however. Here are five common mistakes many of us have been guilty of—at the beginning of our careers or even despite or experience.

Buying low-quality leads. According to a study by ZoomInfo, over half of people who sell in B2B markets find lead quality and quantity to be their biggest challenge.

Seven Ideas for Revitalizing Your Insurance Content Marketing

Content marketing can be fun and effective. But it can also be demanding and work-intensive. According to a study from SmartInsights, the average time to write a single blog post was up 65% in 2019 from 2014.

Content marketing isn’t easy. You have to come up with interesting ideas that speak to your audience and generate results on a regular basis—and that takes time.

Here are a few ideas to adapt to your own insurance blog, newsletter, social media posts, or other content marketing efforts to add a little spark to your content marketing.

Insurance Marketing Trends for 2021’s “New Normal”

There’s no question that the events of 2020 have led to a great deal of change and upheaval. Marketing strategies have changed as well, and so have consumer mindsets and expectations. Here are a few trends for insurance marketing in 2021.

First, personalization is becoming more important. You may have been able to get away with blasting out the same message to multiple demographics in prior years, but if you’re still doing that, you’re leaving money on the table.

How to Stay Productive While Working From Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has been unfolding for about a year at this point, and you may have gotten used to working from home.

For some people, it’s easier to stay productive in their own space—but for others, productivity is a struggle when work and home aren’t physically separated. If you’re caring for kids full-time while trying to work, that can make things even harder.

If you’ve found your productivity slipping in the past few months, you’re not alone. Here are some tips for better focus under less-than-ideal conditions.