7 Reasons People are Unsubscribing from Your Email List

Are your email open rates down? If so, there’s probably a reason. People skip reading emails and unsubscribe from lists for lots of different reasons—but luckily, you can do something about it. Here are some of the most common reasons people unsubscribe from your list.

Can You Make Money Selling Insurance on Instagram?

You may already have social media profiles for your insurance business on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. But have you considered promoting your brand in Instagram? If not, maybe you should.

How Optimized are Your Marketing Emails?

It’s 2018—how are your marketing emails doing? Despite all the social media platforms we now have, to reach out to customers, email remains one of the most effective methods of digital marketing. But best practices change, and if you’ve been sending your email campaigns the same way for a while, now may be time for an update.

Here are some of the best practices for insurance agents in email marketing.

Five Ways to Build a Referral Network for Your Insurance Business

Hate asking for referrals? You’re not alone. It can be difficult to ask for anything, especially in a professional context. But people are much more likely to give you a call if someone they trust has recommended you.

Here are some ways to make it less awkward to ask for—and get—referrals.

Make it an official program. What’s less awkward? Asking each customer for the names and contact info of three friends or family members who could use your insurance expertise—or telling them you have a referral program that they might be interested in?

Five Ways to Use Online Videos in Your Insurance Marketing

Videos can be a great way to market your insurance business. Putting up a short video on YouTube, Vimeo, or Instagram can help you reach new customers, and creating a series of videos can both build an audience and boost your SEO. Here are a few ideas for a winning video series.

Connecting With Millennials: Six Tips for Insurance Agents

Millennials—those born from the early 1980s to the late 1990s—are currently hitting their prime spending years as the older generation is retiring.

The insurance industry is notoriously conservative and slow to change. And it shows in how we connect with this generation. Millennials have significantly different priorities and experiences than the generation before—and we must change how we reach them. Here are a few tips for strengthening your message for Millennial audiences.

Should Insurance Brokers Run Webinars?

When it comes to building a list to market to, you have a lot of options, both online and offline. Webinars are quickly gaining ground as an effective way to collect pre-qualified leads, and they can be very effective for agents and brokers who work in all aspects of insurance—from commercial lines to life and health. Here are just a few reasons why webinars should be part of your lead generation efforts.

Should You Create an App for Your Insurance Agency?

If there are two things all your customers have in common, it’s that they all want convenience—and they all have SmartPhones. Most people actually prefer using one to opening the web browser on their phones.

There’s a big push for many companies to create their own apps for user convenience—and with the weight insurance customers place on convenience, it’s no surprise that the insurance industry isn’t an exception.

But do you your customers really want or need a mobile app from you?

Four Ideas for Marketing to Business Insurance Prospects

If you write commercial insurance, you have a broad market. Every business needs some kind of insurance coverage. However, generating commercial insurance business can be more difficult than you’d expect—as each industry’s needs are different. It’s essential to understand the industry you’re marketing to, show them you can meet their needs, and prove that you’re a better choice than your competitors.

5 Personality Traits that Make You a Great Broker

Being an insurance broker is a challenging job. It requires some very distinct personality traits—some of which might seem, at first glance, to be contradictory. There are many different combinations of traits that make a great insurance broker, but here are a few we’ve found to be the most common in those who really thrive in this career.

Five Ways To Show Your Customers You Appreciate Them

In the age of social media, email newsletters, constant blogging, and more, it can feel like you’re in touch with your customers all the time. But exceptional customer service still isn’t automatic, even though the options you have to deliver that service vary now more than ever. Showing your customers you appreciate them, on a personal level, can still take foresight and planning. Here are a few ways to do it.

Four Tips for Creating an Insurance Sell Sheet that Works

A sell sheet is a single-page, double-sided sales document—usually in 8.5 x 11” size—that lays out the details of your product or service in simple, easy-to-understand terms. More concise than a brochure and more detailed than a postcard, they’re ideal for any situation where you have to explain a complex product concisely.

Of course, sales sheets only work when they’re done well. Here are a few tips to ensure that when you hand your insurance prospect a sales sheet, it actually gets attention, conveys the message you want, and persuades your prospect to say yes.

How Cyber-Secure is Your Insurance Agency?

If you aren’t concerned about cyber security threats, you should be. Cyber crime is expected to cost companies over $6 trillion by 2021, and smaller companies are just as vulnerable as big global enterprises—sometimes more so. Insurance companies are especially vulnerable, because they work with large volumes of sensitive client information. This means you have to be especially committed to protecting your customers’ data.

Cyber threats are new and constantly changing. Here are a few things you can do today to make your business and client information more secure.

Email Marketing for Insurance Agents: Getting the Opt-In

Marketing professionals will tell you: the money is in the list. A strong list of email addresses from people who both have the money to buy from you and have an interest in what you sell is worth its weight in gold. But how do you build that list?

Buying lists can be hit or miss—and it’s usually a miss. It’s always most effective to build the list yourself. But that takes some strategy.

Here are some ideas for getting people to opt into your email marketing.

Marketing Resolutions for Insurance Agents in 2018

Setting aside time to grow your business can be challenging—especially if you have a full day’s worth of work servicing the customers you already have. But it’s necessary if you want to grow.

The start of the year is when many business owners—insurance agents included—decide how to allocate their marketing resources in the coming twelve months. Here are a few resolutions for you to consider as we move into 2018.

Four Strategies to Stay Top-of-Mind With Your Insurance Prospects

Most people don’t think about buying insurance until they need to. When you contact a prospect for the first time, you may hit them right when they need a new policy—but you probably won’t get that lucky. Here are a few ways to remind your prospects about you periodically—in a pleasant, non-invasive way—to insure that when they do need insurance, you’re the first person they think of.

A blog post about blogging

How Not to Waste Your Time on Insurance Blogging

If you’ve been looking for insurance marketing advice, chances are someone has told you to start a blog. And blogging can be a great way to spread the word about your business—but it can also be a huge waste of time. Here are a few tips to make sure you get results from your insurance blog—and attract the audience you’re looking for.

More Insurance Marketing Mistakes—and How to Avoid Them

There are many marketing strategies that can go a long way toward building your business and bringing in a steady stream of new referrals. However, it’s easy to make mistakes that can seriously weaken the impact of what you do.

Four Tips for Generating More Traffic to Your Insurance Website

If you’re an insurance agent, having a website is non-negotiable. Customers expect to be able to check you out, learn about your products, and even get a quote online. But just because you build it doesn’t mean they will come. If you’re finding you’re not getting as much traffic to your website as you’d like, here are a few tips for generating more.

Got a Negative Online Review? What to Do.

It’s practically inevitable. If you’re marketing your insurance business on social media—and in this day and age, it’s very difficult to avoid it—then eventually you’ll get a negative review online. This can be a challenge to deal with—both professionally and personally. But the way you deal with it can actually bring you more business, if you do it right. Here are a few tips.