Tough to Place Dwellings

AMIG, Chubb, CSE

Specialty Dwelling Products

At J.E. Brown, specialty dwellings are our bread and butter. Preferred, Non-Standard, Admitted, Non-Admitted - we have options for almost anyone! We have 12 different Homeowners options and 9 different Dwelling Fire options. Many of our products can be rated and issued online using CORE, or our carrier platforms in minutes! Logon today to get started.

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High-Hazard Homes

  • Brush an issue? Save time before you quote and let us prequalify your risk.

  • Homes with losses? We have markets that can accommodate up to 4 losses.

  • Have a risk with an aggressive breed of dog? We can offer you a Homeowners or Dwelling Fire policy with an Animal Liability Exclusion.

  • Need a COC with or without liability? We can consider ground up as well as mid-term risks.

Tough to Place Dwellings

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If you just need to run a risk past one of our team, contact our office at 800-955-8213.