Hospitality & Liquor Lines with USLI

After writing liquor liability for the past 25 years, USLI continues to provide the coverage that businesses can rely on. The available liquor liability products are not only designed for small businesses in the hospitality industry, but for those seeking insurance for special events as well. By providing tools such as human resources services, pre-employment screenings, and marketing resources, USLI’s policies serve as valuable assets for those seeking coverage in a wide range of markets, such as:

  • Bars & Taverns

    Coverage for business owners selling a higher percentage of alcohol sales compared to food sales, small corner bars, but can also entertain risks with major entertainment, bouncers or security, drink specials and youthful clientele.

  • Restaurants

    As the restaurant industry continues to grow each year, coverage is available for fast food, fine dining, family restaurants, 24-hour diners, and BYOB establishments as well.

  • Retail Stores

    Although particularly vulnerable to liquor claims, especially those involving minors, USLI can consider liquor stores, convenience stores, delis and even gas stations.

  • Special Events

    While these products are designed to provide coverage for short-term events, even events with up to 10,000 attendees and/or 10,000 consumers per day are eligible for most types.

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