Aegis Manufactured Home Introduction


JE Brown announces a partnership with Aegis Security Insurance Company for manufactured home business in California. Aegis is an “A” rated insurer by A.M. Best (Financial Size VII) and admitted in CA. We are looking for a limited number of producers to obtain access to this product.


  • Coverage for Owner occupied, Seasonal, Rental/Commercial, Vacant, and Tenant
  • Dwelling coverage up to $250,000
  • Liability up to $300,000
  • Flood and EQ coverage available

Download the 1 page flyer here

Where the Product is Most Competitive:

  • Risks in park (100+ units even better)
  • Older risks
  • Risks with 55+ owners
  • Risks under $100K in value

Interested in writing Aegis Mobile Home with JE Brown? Contact your Regional Sales Manager.

Already have access? Watch the training video here:

CA Mobile Home Guidelines

Online Step by Step Guide