More ways to say YES!

Most insurance professionals dread the idea of turning away business. Partnered with American Modern, we're giving you more ways to say YES! to those tough to place personal lines risks. If you're reading this, you've taken the first step in learning how to properly cover unique or challenging properties. In addition to providing The Selling Tips to do so, AMIG is offering cash prizes along the way between 4/20/17 and 10/31/17. Look for details in coming weeks.

Say YES! to:

  • Short-term rental exposures (including Airbnb & VRBO)
  • Properties with past claims
  • Older dwellings
  • Stand-alone rental/investment properties
  • Vacant properties
  • Unusual designs
  • High protection classes or homes close to brush (more lenient than preferred/standard carriers)
  • Manufactured homes
  • Animal liability exclusion and roof exclusion available

Here are some common scenarios in which we can help YOU to say YES!

Download the PDF

Want more info? Watch this short video

Recent Comments

Jon's picture
by Jon on March 7, 2017

Hi: Questions: 1) Am I supposed to tell you when we quote and/or issue or do you track everything?, 2) Looks like the promo started more than a month ago on 3/14, but I never got the notification email until today. Will I get credit for those quotes and/or policies issued? Thanks, Jon

michael's picture
by michael on March 7, 2017

Hello Jon, you can find all the info here:

Ron Wilson's picture
by Ron Wilson on March 7, 2017

I have quoted and finished policies in here. How come I show no credit

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