Partnership with Appulate & Hiscox NOW

Hiscox Now

We are excited to announce that our partnership with Hiscox NOW is being extended to Appulate!

Appulate’s technology bridges data from the agent’s management systems into a highly automated workflow to minimize data entry and save time and resources. This automates the entire submission process for Retail Agents, Carriers, Program Admins and MGA’s, in a Rate, Quote, Request to Bind transaction, eliminating duplicate efforts & creating an audit trail. So what does Appulate do for you? Expand your markets, automate your workflow & save time & money!
There are two ways to get started in Appulate. Either by bridging over your ACORD data using our state-of-the-art Uplink™ tool or by starting directly in Appulate.

If you already have a completed ACORD form, start with Uplink™ so that you don’t have to rekey the information! Simply ‘print’ your ACORD form from your ACORD PDF or ANY management system and choose the Appulate Uplink™ as your printer option. This will open Appulate, create the insured and LOB automatically and bridge over all of your ACORD data. If you don’t have access to ACORDS, no problem! Appulate has all of the ACORD forms you need. Simply start by logging into Appulate, create the insured file and enter all of the required fields. Fillable ACORD forms can be accessed in our Forms tab but you don’t even have to fill them out. If you start answering your market’s questionnaire in our Q&A tab, Appulate will populate ACORD forms for you.

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