CA Wildfire Inspections - American Modern


Like your agency, American Modern® insurance takes the risk and cost of wildfires very seriously. Not long ago we announced that a wildfire exposure assessment is now included in the majority of the inspection process. Homes subject to inspection include:

  • Dwelling Basic/Special
  • Manufactured Homes
  • Homeowners

Failure to prepare for these inspections can result in cancellation.
To mitigate frustration for all, we ask that you take note of the below resources.

Top 5 Risk Characteristics
Leading to Cancellation

  • Tightly grouped trees with less than 10ft spacing between crowns
  • Dry, unmaintained grass
  • Steep slopes with dense, unmanaged vegetation
  • Tree debris on roof/trees overhanging and touching roof
  • Homes on a dead end street, cul-de-sac, next to dense unmanaged vegetation, on a ridgeline or in a finger canyon

In order to ensure your customer has the best opportunity for a positive inspection outcome, we’ve created two documents to help customers understand their home’s wildfire exposure and to prepare for an exterior inspection. The documents will also help our agents understand the wildfire inspection and be ready to answer customer questions.

Risk Management Tools for Your Customers
Download Wildfire Prevention Poster
Download Wildfire Prevention Checklist