Marketing Resolutions for Insurance Agents in 2018

Setting aside time to grow your business can be challenging—especially if you have a full day’s worth of work servicing the customers you already have. But it’s necessary if you want to grow.

The start of the year is when many business owners—insurance agents included—decide how to allocate their marketing resources in the coming twelve months. Here are a few resolutions for you to consider as we move into 2018.

Insurance Blogging Tips for Better SEO

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Insurance agents blog for a number of reasons. These include building an expert reputation, connecting with customers, starting conversations, attracting media attention, and improving the website’s visibility in search engines. Blogging can be a very effective tool for SEO, or search engine optimization, and you can get great results without being an expert. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Insurance Trends in 2016

Now that 2016 is over, it’s possible to look back at the year in insurance—its positives as well as its negatives. 2016 was a challenging year for many, but there were also some bright spots in the year. Here are a few of the things that had an impact on the insurance industry.

Five Ideas for Effective Lead Nurturing

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So you’ve got a promising prospect who tells you they’re interested in the insurance you sell—and asks you to keep in touch. Or maybe you’ve got a list of leads that you’re trying to build into an effective business. There are plenty of ways to nurture those leads toward a sale, but it helps to have a specific system. Here are a few tips.