Six Ways to Sell More Homeowners’ Insurance

Want to drum up more homeowners’ insurance business for the holidays? Here are a few tips to get you out of your current marketing rut and get in front of more customers who need homeowners’ insurance.

Market to new homeowners. Develop a marketing program targeted to new homeowners in your neighborhood. Send them something of value—like a checklist of tips for new homeowners that includes buying homeowners’ insurance.

Present to a homeowners’ association. Deliver a presentation on homeowners’ insurance and offer your expert advice on how to save money on a policy, what homeowners’ insurance does and does not typically cover, and special exceptions and cases relevant to them.

Cross-sell to other customers. Some of your insurance carriers offer discounts on homeowners’ insurance to customers who buy auto or other types of personal lines insurance with them. If you sell bundled packages like this, your customers could save a lot by buying homeowners’ insurance along with other types of insurance with you. Make sure your customers in other insurance areas know about these deals.

Leverage social media. Make sure your connections on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms you use for business know that you sell homeowners’ insurance. Highlight homeowner’s insurance products by publishing content to help new homeowners—tips for buying a home, must-do items after a new home purchase, and ways to save money on homeowners’ insurance, for example. The content can come in the form of blog posts, articles, videos, or podcasts that you advertise on your social media platforms as well as post on your website.

Form partnerships in your community. What other businesses in your community serve homebuyers? Make connections with local realtors, furniture stores, and other businesses that serve this population. Meet with the owners to talk about possibilities for cross-marketing each other’s services.

Ask your current customers. Check your list of current customers for people who have other types of policies with you, but who don’t have homeowners’ insurance through your company. These are prime targets for an advertising campaign for homeowners’ insurance. They already like and trust your business, because they already do business with you. And if they have homeowners’ insurance with another company, it’s possible they could save money by switching to a bundled package.

There are many different ways to sell homeowners’ insurance. Adopt marketing plans both on- and offline that target new or experienced homebuyers; use social media to provide tips to new home buyers and get the word out about the policies you sell; market to your current customers; and reach out to local homeowners’ associations and businesses that cater to the same audience. With these tips, you should be able to generate new homeowners’ insurance business.

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