More Insurance Marketing Mistakes—and How to Avoid Them

There are many marketing strategies that can go a long way toward building your business and bringing in a steady stream of new referrals. However, it’s easy to make mistakes that can seriously weaken the impact of what you do.

Perhaps one of the easiest mistakes to make is developing an insurance marketing strategy that’s not integrated across multiple platforms. This is a common mistake, especially for those whose expertise is in insurance, not in marketing. If you’re not accustomed to thinking about marketing as a multi-platform, integrated activity, you may do things in a haphazard way and diminish their impact.

That means you can’t just film a webinar about various insurance topics and hope for the best. You need to have a strategy for promoting it on social media; do a write-up in your newsletter, take advantage of cross-promotional opportunities, and develop an impactful landing page to send all those leads to—that encourages sign-ups. Then you need to keep in touch with your audience leading up to the webinar, and repurpose some of the content in blog posts and other content later to drive continued traffic.

It’s also essential to be on social media—it’s no longer acceptable not to be findable on the platforms where your ideal customers hang out. People looking for a business insurance agent may do their search on LinkedIn, for example; or your target audience in the retail market may take to Twitter to talk about their experience dealing with insurance companies. You need to be where people are looking for you—and where the conversations are.

It’s also crucial not to ignore search when building your website and designing your content strategy. Local search can be crucial to generating referrals if you’re an insurance agent working in a local market—and many are. It’s important to make sure your web page shows up when people search for your type of insurance and your location.

Lastly, your website must be mobile-friendly in this day and age. Search engine algorithms give preference to mobile-friendly sites; in addition, a large percentage of customers do their searching, research, and buying on the web. If you expect them to come to you only on a desktop computer, you’ll leave a lot of business on the table.

It’s no longer enough to rely on direct mail and flyers these days. Insurance agents face strong competition, and there are more ways to keep in touch with customers than ever before. Adopt an integrated marketing strategy and develop a mobile-friendly, search-optimized website, and you should be on your way toward seeing results.

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