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How Not to Waste Your Time on Insurance Blogging

If you’ve been looking for insurance marketing advice, chances are someone has told you to start a blog. And blogging can be a great way to spread the word about your business—but it can also be a huge waste of time. Here are a few tips to make sure you get results from your insurance blog—and attract the audience you’re looking for.

Write relevant content. Before you develop a content strategy, do some research into what your audience wants to know. Go on LinkedIn, check out the hashtags on social media to see what’s trending, and have conversations in person with prospects and clients. Find out what their frustrations are—and what information they’re looking for that you can provide.

Be specific. Anyone can write an “insurance blog.” Pick a specific section of the industry and focus on that. Don’t worry about narrowing down your audience too much—those who stay will have a more specific interest in your areas of expertise, and you’ll start ranking for more relevant keywords over time, too.

Partner with a blogger who has a following. Take a look around and find an insurance blog you admire—one who isn’t a direct competitor, but who targets an audience like yours. That person is ideal to have on your side, because they can send you a flood of very qualified readers—if you can establish a partnership with them. One easy way to do this is to offer to write a guest post that links back to your website. This will demonstrate your style and expertise to readers, and give them a way to find you. In addition, being partnered with a more established blogger will help build your credibility.

Don’t produce too much content. It used to be that volume was enough—but these days, quality and depth drive SEO traffic. Instead of spending hours developing five shorter blog posts a week, look into developing one post every few weeks that delves deeply into an insurance topic you know your prospects have an interest in.

Spin off your content. Once you write an in-depth post about something, you can repurpose that for a lot of different purposes. You can edit it down for your email newsletter; develop it into a script for a webinar; or even expand on it to develop an e-book. Strong blog post content is a gift that keeps on giving.

Blogging can be an outstanding tool for your insurance business—but it can also take a lot of time. Use these tips to build a following fast—and hopefully sustain it over time.

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