5 Personality Traits that Make You a Great Broker

Being an insurance broker is a challenging job. It requires some very distinct personality traits—some of which might seem, at first glance, to be contradictory. There are many different combinations of traits that make a great insurance broker, but here are a few we’ve found to be the most common in those who really thrive in this career.

Emotional intelligence. Insurance can be a difficult topic for many people. When selling insurance, you’re asking them to imagine some of the worst possible scenarios they might face in life. And if they ever have to file a claim, often it will be as the result of an extremely stressful event.

Guiding customers in planning for and responding to crisis takes a strong sense of empathy and emotional intelligence. Brokers with these qualities tend to stand out, in all areas of the field.

Calm under pressure. Insurance products kick in during highly stressful situations for your clients. Depending on the type of insurance you sell, your client may only need your services if their world is falling apart. Your ability to stay calm as you guide them through the claims process is invaluable to them.

An extroverted personality. You don’t have to be the gregarious life of the party to be a great insurance broker. But it does help to love making connections, enjoy working with people even in challenging situations, and not to be shy when it comes to sales. Successful brokers often thrive while working with others.

Single-minded focus. Not everyone has the attention span to parse through the dense details of an insurance policy. Insurance agents need to have that in spades. It’s a trait that may seem in contradiction to the outgoing personality that also makes you great at your career—as it involves working on your own for long stretches of time. A good insurance agent has the capability to do both.

Attention to detail. When it comes to insurance policies, the devil is in the details. It’s essential to be able to sort through those details, spot potential hazards, and help your clients choose the right policies based on their level of risk—without missing any important points that could result in a coverage problem down the line. Not everyone has that skill.

There are plenty of personality traits that make an excellent broker—and everyone brings something unique to the job. But if you’re both outgoing and empathetic, with a strong eye for detail and an ability to stay calm in a crisis, you’re especially likely to excel in this role.

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