Connecting With Millennials: Six Tips for Insurance Agents

Millennials—those born from the early 1980s to the late 1990s—are currently hitting their prime spending years as the older generation is retiring.

The insurance industry is notoriously conservative and slow to change. And it shows in how we connect with this generation. Millennials have significantly different priorities and experiences than the generation before—and we must change how we reach them. Here are a few tips for strengthening your message for Millennial audiences.

Make sure you’re offering products they want. Focus on homeowners’ insurance? Look into offering stand-alone renters’ insurance as well. Studies show that Millennials are buying homes much later than older generations—if at all—and renting more.

Bear in mind that Millennials are saddled with huge amounts of student debt and are often underemployed when compared with previous generations at their age. They are less likely to be married or have children, and they’re very price-conscious.

Make sure you offer products aligned with what they need—including stand-alone, low-cost options.

Make sure you’re showing up in Search. When Millennials have a problem, they ask the Internet. If they can’t find you online, you might as well be invisible.

Go ahead and do a Google search for one of the products you sell. Does your agency show up? If not, now’s the time to take a second look at your website—and maybe hire an expert to help you optimize.

Find them where they are. Millennials are on social media all the time—and that means your agency needs to be, too. Make sure you’re findable on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms where your target market hangs out—and that your presence is both on-brand and on-tone for the platform.

It’s also essential to be sure your website is mobile-friendly. Millennials are much more likely to do business with companies that have mobile-responsive sites.

Don’t make them wait. Millennials demand convenience and immediacy. They don’t want to call you and wait two days for a quote; they want to go online and get one immediately. They don’t want to work their way through a phone tree to get info about their policy; they want to talk to a person immediately.

Make sure you’re offering an experience they expect. Online quotes are essential, and the ability to quickly get answers to questions or talk to a human is also important for this demographic.

Don’t use outdated marketing techniques to reach them. Television commercials, ads in print newspapers, and telemarketing calls aren’t the most effective way to reach this generation. They don’t have a lot of patience for interruptive advertising, and they read online far more than they do in print.

Focus on the advertising that does reach them—YouTube videos, a smart social media campaign, a website that shows up in search, and content marketing that helps them solve problems.

Provide value. Millennials don’t care that you’re independent or how many years you’ve been in business. They care about their problems, and how you help solve them.

That means your marketing needs to be more about them than about you. Know what challenges this market faces—and be willing to give away some of your secrets to build an audience online. It will pay off if Millennials believe you’re a great source for honest, up-front information that helps them.

Millennials make up a large percentage of your market—and their earning power is only growing. It’s going to become more and more essential to cater to them—and following these tips will get you off to a strong start.

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