Five Ways to Use Online Videos in Your Insurance Marketing

Videos can be a great way to market your insurance business. Putting up a short video on YouTube, Vimeo, or Instagram can help you reach new customers, and creating a series of videos can both build an audience and boost your SEO. Here are a few ideas for a winning video series.

Make product videos. Some insurance products are more complex than others. And many people don’t understand why they might need certain products—like a personal umbrella policy, for instance—and what it covers. You can create more reach by explaining products you sell in easy-to-understand terms in short videos.

Film customer testimonials. Nothing builds social proof like your other customers telling your prospects how happy they are with their insurance. Film a variety of testimonials from customers who’ve gone through the claims experience and been happy with the outcome; who have a great story about your customer service to tell; or who you helped solve a major insurance problem that your other prospects face. Putting a real face and voice to the testimonial gives it more power and makes it more credible.

Let prospects get to know you through videos. The insurance industry has a reputation for being rather conservative. Shake it up by creating a video that highlights your staff around the office—in a fun way. You could also create a video interview series that introduces your team. Both of these techniques make your company more human and approachable—and help prospects get comfortable with your staff before they make the decision to buy from you.

Answer common questions—or clear up misconceptions. What are some of the most common misconceptions about your area of the insurance industry? What are the most frequent questions people ask? Chances are they’re searching for these questions online as well as asking your team—so titling your videos with these questions will help your videos show up in search to qualified prospects.

Make a funny commercial. With so many possibilities for video, commercials might seem a bit old-school—but they still work. Bonus points if your video is funny and breaks the mold—these are the types that tend to get shared around. Have fun with the medium and show your company’s personality, and your video commercial could attract a big audience.

There are so many ways you can use video to promote your insurance business—these ideas are just the start. Consider filming staff interviews or an office behind-the-scenes video; answer some frequently-asked questions about the type of insurance you sell, highlight your products through video, or grab attention with a funny commercial—and you should be able to boost your SEO, build your audience, and attract quality leads.

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