Brand Consistency: Why It’s Important for Insurance Agents

When it comes to branding, the key is consistency.

Brand consistency just means keeping your branding the same across all your marketing platforms and campaigns. It also means keeping your company’s actions and communications in line with your values.

According to a report by Circle Research, 77% of marketers say branding is absolutely crucial to their growth. So, why is it so essential to present a brand-consistent face to the world?

Here are three reasons.

Because consistency builds trust—and insurance is all about trust

When your brand is consistent, people feel they know what to expect from you. When you deviate from that expectation, it creates mental dissonance—and makes people lose trust in your business.

If the transgression is big, that dissonance might be obvious—in the case of a racy tweet from a company with a wholesome brand, for instance. But sometimes the dissonance is more subconscious. Either way, however, these missteps make people trust you less.

And that’s bad for companies in any industry, but it’s especially bad for insurance, where your business is built on trust and relationships. Your customers and prospects need to know exactly what they’re going to get with you, every step of the way.

Because it sets you apart

Insurance agents have a lot of competitors. That’s true of independent agents as well as those who work with a single big-name company. And sometimes it’s hard to figure out what makes you unique.

When your brand is consistent, that gets a lot easier. Your brand communicates a single, easily-digestible message about what sets you apart—and when it’s consistent, people see that with every interaction.

Because it makes you recognizable

People are busy. If they can’t tell who you are from at a glance, they won’t take half a second to figure it out.

Keeping a consistent brand means people know who you are immediately. They come to associate that tagline or color scheme with your brand. If you’re lucky, they’ll start associating other things with it too—like great expertise and service.

Maintaining a consistent brand means making sure your look is visually coherent across all online and offline platforms; keeping your messaging consistent and avoiding actions and words that don’t line up with your values.

Keep your brand consistent, and we’re confident it will lead to more and better business.

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