Five Steps to Strengthening Rapport With Your Insurance Customers

In any sales position, building rapport with your customers is crucial. The same is true with insurance. Building good relationships with customers results in increased loyalty and retention, as well as referrals and more revenue for you.

Here are a few ways you can strengthen your relationships with customers more—and make those relationships the foundation of your business.

Listen to your prospects. Sales isn’t always just about delivering the right message in the right way. It’s also about listening. Ask your prospects about their insurance concerns, their business constraints, their past experiences with your type of insurance—and then listen. Figure out what they need, what’s tripped them up in the past, and their concerns—and then demonstrate that your product can solve those problems for them.

Keep raising the bar. It helps to be accessible. Make sure people who call your office get a human, not a phone tree. If a customer emails you with a question, get back to them as soon as possible. Keep raising the bar for customer service, and people will notice.

Have your customers’ backs. Do you spot an easy way one of your customers could be saving money on their insurance? Let them know—even if they haven’t asked. It might seem like it’s not in your best interests, but this is another way you build trust with your customers and foster a strong relationship—by showing them you always have their best interests at heart.

Remember things. It could be a gesture as small as sending a card for your prospect’s birthday or anniversary, or a congratulatory message when they buy a home or make another big life change—and you can automate this. Keep notes on customer details—such as where they work, their kids and families, their hobbies—so that when you connect, you can ask about your shared hobby or how their new baby is doing. This keeps the personal connection going.

Request feedback. You can ask directly, put customer feedback cards in plain view in your reception area, or mail your customers a survey. Either way, customers appreciate knowing that you care what they think and that their feedback is welcome.

Building strong rapport is crucial to any position that requires sales—especially in insurance. Remember personal details about your customers, keep high standards for accessibility and customer service, show your customers you have their best interests at heart—and you should be able to cultivate loyal customer relationships.

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