Blitz - Cannabis and Hemp Commercial Package Program


We've got you covered with our newest offering - Cannabis coverage packages with Blitz Insurance! We are excited to announce the addition of Blitz to your dashboard! reports that there was a record $24 billion in cannabis related sales during 2021 and there an annual sales projections of close to $70 billion by 2028. With that level of growth cannabis insurance needs are on the rise and now we can help you break into this specialty industry. Blitz offers instant quotes for E&S coverage that is flexible, comprehensive, and easy to understand.

Specialty insurance coverage for cannabis and smoke shop risks at your fingertips

Blitz offers an exciting array of products focusing on finding solutions for businesses operating in the ever-growing cannabis space. By combining deep industry expertise and next-gen technology, they’ve built a simpler, smarter, faster way to get specialty coverage and serve more customers.

Highlights Appetite
Faster streamlined process Retailers & Dispensaries
Better data analytics means more approvals Cultivators
Better options and flexibility to tailor coverage Processors & Manufacturers
Business simplified with a one-stop solution Ancillary Businesses


  • Login to and click on the Blitz button
  • Enter basic information for your cannabis or smoke shop customer
  • Choose your coverage options and available limits
  • Review the indication and optional add-ons
  • Request the bind!
  • Specialty insurance coverage for cannabis and smoke shop risks at your fingertips


    Cannabis Coverage Done Right

    Blitz Insurance offers comprehensive packages that can include the General Liability, Product Liability, and Property Insurance to serve customers' unique needs. Blitz’s broker partners get access to instant quotes or indications, flexible tiered coverage options, more accurate risk pricing leading to more approvals, and the option to bundle with other coverages for a simpler, faster, smarter experience.

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    New to writing cannabis coverage or just have a question? Give us a call at 800-955-8213