Hiscox Pro - Data Breach and Privacy Liability Coverage

Many businesses do not realize that their biggest exposures can be from their professional services. In addition to professional liability, most businesses now face cyber liability, hacker threats, and data breach exposures. Often, the biggest expenses come from crisis management and PR costs. To address these exposures, JE Brown have partnered with Hiscox Pro to offer a variety of options in modular form. The center piece is Data Breach & Privacy Liability Coverage, which covers regulatory action as well as fines and penalties. Get the complete submission guide and FAQ sheet here.

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In addition, Hiscox Pro is able to offer:

  • Media Liability
  • Hacker Damage
  • Breach Costs in addition to the Limit
  • Cyber Crime & Extortion
  • Cyber Business Interruption

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Supporting Documentation:

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