Unlocking Cyber Liability

Most of us have heard the term "Cyber Liability", and most of us have an idea about what it means. But as technology moves forward, and threats evolve, we may have outgrown the term. At the core of most cyber policies is coverage for Data Breach and/or Privacy Liability. Beyond that, it's an a la carte menu of optional coverage modules. This means coverage can be tailored to fit the needs of just about any entity. Login to quote using SSO

But this means the insurance professional has to understand the individual needs of a given business or entity. To make things slightly more complex, wording can vary from carrier to carrier. Many insurance carriers even cover the same exposures using different language. There is also a very big upside here for the insurance professional. Because there seems to be an increasing need for coverage, many businesses are likely now, or will be seeking a policy soon. The opportunity to be a trusted adviser is huge. JE Brown is proud to partner with several excellent carriers to provide both admitted and non-admitted policies. We are able to accommodate both small and large accounts, up to $100,000,000 in revenue! Read more here

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Below you will find:

  • A webinar recording which outlines the anatomy of a claim, available coverage, and quoting options.
  • A screen cast quote demonstration using CORE to rate data breach coverage.
  • Sample documents including reference material, FAQ, glossary of terms, and much more.

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