CSE SPInn - Important Workflow Changes


Great News! Effective 1/28/13, CSE has changed the workflow for new business processing in SPInn. You can now submit your new business to JE Brown within the CSE SPInn system much more efficiently. We have created a short video demonstration to see how these changes will impact you. It is important that you watch this video so that you can process your CSE business effectively.

If you use the CSE SPInn system, please watch this video as soon as possible.

A Minute with Michael

Well, the first EIP-OC event is in the bag! It went off without a hitch, and we are so grateful to our sponsors. With nearly 100 attendees, we exceeded our goal for kicking off the new EIP chapter. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the event for me, was the fact that people stayed ‘til the end. People seemed to be really enjoying themselves and engaging in great dialogue. Our speaker Jenni Nering did a wonderful job with a topic utterly germane to our event –Networking. Pictures and more information can be found on the EIP website.

Important Update - American Modern Late Payment Procedure Changes


To update an earlier message that was inaccurate - American Modern WILL consider policies with a lapse in coverage and we CAN rewrite Mobile Home policies that cancel for non-payment.

American Modern has instituted a 7 day grace period for late payments on all product lines. The system will no longer allow a late payment to be applied on any product after 7 days. The only exception is Leinholder billed accounts which will receive a 15 day grace period.