How to Hide Your “Likes” on Facebook in 2014

Facebook wants you to share your “Likes.” It wants your friends to see all the pages you “Like,” as well as businesses. But you may not want that information shared around—for a variety of reasons. By default, all the pages you “Like” on Facebook are visible to your friends and connections. However, it’s possible to change your Facebook privacy settings to hide them. To do it, follow these directions:

  1. Scroll down to the “Likes” box to the left of your timeline. Not your News Feed but your timeline.

Tips for Insurance Agents on Effective Cross-Selling

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Selling to existing customers is always easier than generating business from a brand-new source. It’s less expensive, too. Once they’ve bought from you once, customers are more willing to spend money with you again—they’ve already proven they trust you. And while there might be better deals out there, it takes time to shop around—and many customers are more than willing to stick with what they know.