Not Succeeding on Twitter? A Few Basic Tweaks to Boost Your Following

Twitter is growing in importance as a way for insurance agents to promote their businesses to customers. It can be a great tool, for a lot of reasons—for little or no cost, you can reach a very large audience quickly and easily.

However, Twitter and other social media platforms do have a cost—in time, if not in money. And it’s not unusual for insurance agents and others to struggle with getting a return on their social media investment that makes the time they spend worthwhile.

How Insurance Agents Can Respond to Negative Feedback on Social Media

As much as you may try to, it’s impossible to make everyone happy. No matter how great your response is or how dedicated to customer service you are, chances are a few of your customers are going to have complaints to make at some point.

In the past, a disgruntled customer would tell the people in his or her immediate circle—maybe five to twenty people, or more if they really feel wronged. Today, however, the megaphone is louder. Anyone can be heard over social media, and instead of reaching a handful of people, dissatisfied customers can reach thousands.