Brush Hazards and Wildfire Woes

California has always battled wildfires, and they remain a source of risk for insurance carriers today. Accurate records of acreage, location, structures damaged, and deaths have been kept since 1932. These records now show a pattern of repeated ignition throughout California. Nevertheless, our population growth and new construction are occurring adjacent to brush. Monitoring and assessing brush risk is going to be an evolving concern.

Meet the Team

Team, JEB, staff

Name: Renee Raney

Job Title: Processing

Number of years of experience: 14 years

What do you enjoy most about your job? Every day is slightly different. I started off as the Receptionist in 2002. We had just started getting super busy because other carriers were not writing and we didn’t have anyone at that time that could just input. This was before Modernink and Ireli :-). I offered my help to Jack in order to free up the underwriters to help with calls.