Insurance Agents: How to Work a Trade Show

Trade shows can be a great place to drum up business. But getting a good return on your investment can take some thought and strategy. Whether you’re exhibiting or attending with the hope of meeting new customers, here are a few thoughts on getting the most from your experience.

Seven Ways to Use Twitter for Your Insurance Business

Twitter offers a great opportunity for insurance agents to market themselves. It’s free, it reaches a broad audience, and it gives you the chance to put a concise, powerful message out there. But there are rules and best practices for getting the most out of Twitter for your business. Here are a few tips.

Using LinkedIn to Find Commercial Lines Insurance Leads

LinkedIn can be a very powerful tool for discovering new insurance customers and making important industry connections. It’s particularly effective if you sell commercial lines. Most people who use it, however, don’t get as much out of it as they could. Here are a few ways to make sure your LinkedIn profile is as effective as it can be.

Back-to-School Insurance Needs: Are Your Clients Covered?

It’s the time of year when kids go back to school—from kindergarten to college. Even if parents have done this before, there’s always plenty to do to get ready for a new transition. One thing most parents don’t think about is insurance—and whether their coverage needs will change along with the new school year.

Insurance agents have an opportunity to market several lines of insurance to parents during the back-to-school season. Here are a few ideas:

Four Tips for Mastering the Close

“Closing a sale” is an essential skill for any insurance agent. But, contrary to popular myth, you don’t have to use high-pressure sales techniques or manipulate your prospects into saying yes. Here are a few tips to closing the sale more consistently, without using tactics normally associated with the “smarmy salesperson” stereotype.

When You Can’t Compete on Price—How to Differentiate

Insurance agents don’t have any control over the premiums of the products they sell. The carrier sets the price, and many different agents might sell the same product in your area—at the same price. So how do you set yourself apart from your competitors? Here are a few tips.

Using Social Media to Collect Testimonials from Insurance Customers

Testimonials can be a very effective sales tool. Very few things appeal to prospects better than a list of happy customers—people so happy they’re willing to go on the record to recommend you. Of course, the more testimonials you have, the stronger your social proof will be—and you can’t leave that up to chance.

Should You Diversify Your Insurance Practice?

If you’re considering expanding your insurance practice to include new products, there are a few questions you should ask yourself first. Here are a few ways to determine whether expanding would be a good business decision.

Five Ideas for Effective Lead Nurturing

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So you’ve got a promising prospect who tells you they’re interested in the insurance you sell—and asks you to keep in touch. Or maybe you’ve got a list of leads that you’re trying to build into an effective business. There are plenty of ways to nurture those leads toward a sale, but it helps to have a specific system. Here are a few tips.

Better Relationship Management: How to Up Your Game

Customer service is more than crucial to an insurance agent’s business. It’s also an important sales and customer retention strategy. Here are a few ways to manage your relationships with customers better—and give back in a way that keeps them around, even if they get a lower quote elsewhere.

Why Don’t People Buy Insurance? Understanding Your Customers’ Objections

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Even if a prospect needs the type of insurance you sell—even if you can score them better coverage at a better price—that doesn’t mean they’ll be an easy sell. People have all kinds of reasons why they don’t want to buy insurance. Some of those reasons are due to misconceptions, but some are quite valid—and both need to be addressed. Here are just a few common objections you might face.

Get Smart About Networking: Tips for Success

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No matter how much work you do on social media or how well-developed your website is, networking can still be of value to you—especially if you sell commercial lines of insurance, where your prospects are used to attending networking events and meeting the people they do business with in these venues. Still, networking isn’t a skill that comes easily to everyone—even seasoned insurance salespeople. Here are a few tips for those who want to get the most out of these events.

When Should You Say No to a Prospect?

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It can be tough to say no to potential business—especially when you’re just getting your insurance practice off the ground. And it’s easy to get into a mindset where you believe saying no is a privilege reserved for the successful, or at least those with a stable business. But no matter whether you’re experienced in the industry or just starting out, it’s essential to know which are your ideal prospects—and which you should pass on. Here’s a list of who to say no to.

What Makes Good Customer Service?

Many insurance agents live and die by their customer service. It’s essential to take care of your customers—especially in the days of social media, where stories of customer service mishaps can spread quickly and turn into public relations nightmares. The good news is that stories of above-and-beyond service can travel just as quickly. Here are a few examples of what insurance agents should always try to provide when it comes to customer service.

Not Succeeding on Twitter? A Few Basic Tweaks to Boost Your Following

Twitter is growing in importance as a way for insurance agents to promote their businesses to customers. It can be a great tool, for a lot of reasons—for little or no cost, you can reach a very large audience quickly and easily.

However, Twitter and other social media platforms do have a cost—in time, if not in money. And it’s not unusual for insurance agents and others to struggle with getting a return on their social media investment that makes the time they spend worthwhile.

How Insurance Agents Can Respond to Negative Feedback on Social Media

As much as you may try to, it’s impossible to make everyone happy. No matter how great your response is or how dedicated to customer service you are, chances are a few of your customers are going to have complaints to make at some point.

In the past, a disgruntled customer would tell the people in his or her immediate circle—maybe five to twenty people, or more if they really feel wronged. Today, however, the megaphone is louder. Anyone can be heard over social media, and instead of reaching a handful of people, dissatisfied customers can reach thousands.

Five Ways Insurance Agents Can Use Video to Build an Online Audience.

If you’re looking for novel ways to reach customers online, video can be the way to go. Building your own YouTube channel, hosting videos on your website, and publicizing them via social media can all be great ways to get attention, attract new customers, and build awareness about the coverage you offer. Here are just a few ways you can use video to expand your insurance business.

Why Should Your Customers Insure Through an Agent? Top Reasons.

Working through an insurance agent used to be a lot more common. Today, it’s easy for customers to get immediate quotes online and purchase insurance directly from the companies that originate it. For insurance agents in many lines of business—especially in consumer-facing coverage—it can be more difficult than ever to persuade customers that your services aren’t just valuable, but necessary.

Should Insurance Agents Buy Lead Lists? Drawbacks and Benefits

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Getting qualified leads is often not easy in the insurance industry. There are ranges of techniques for getting people to give you their contact information—while prequalifying themselves as interested in and ready to buy the type of insurance you sell. But the process of building a lucrative list from scratch can be difficult, and companies selling lists of instant leads can be very tempting. Here’s a look at things you should consider when deciding whether to buy a list for lead generation.

Insurance Agencies: Should You Hire a Marketing Firm? Pros and Cons

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If you’re just getting started building your insurance agency, at some point you’ll face a crossroads: should you keep doing marketing and outreach on your own, hire someone internally, or outsource that work to professionals? Here’s a look at the benefits and drawbacks of these options.

Going it Alone