Four Fool-Proof Ideas For Getting to Know Your Customers

“Get to know your customers”—it’s the first piece of advice given to insurance agents and other business owners, either getting started or building up their businesses. To build a truly effective marketing campaign, you need to know exactly who is likely to buy the insurance you sell, why they buy it—and the reasons behind the reasons, the emotional triggers that, particularly in consumer insurance markets, can make the idea of buying so much more compelling.

How to Build a Fool-Proof System to Reward Referral Growth

Sometimes you get lucky with referrals. If you’re very good at what you do and provide great customer service, chances are you get lucky a lot. But even if this is the case, if you don’t have a specific process to encourage your customers to refer others to you, you’re leaving money on the table. Here are a few ideas to make referrals not just a matter of luck, but the result of a system that works.

Insurance Agents: Four Tips for Meeting Your New Years Resolutions

New Years resolutions are made to be broken. But they don’t have to be. If you’re both realistic about what you can accomplish and systematic about the steps you take, you’ll have a better chance of keeping the resolutions you set for your business. Here are a few tips for setting goals in the New Year that you can keep all year long.

Sharing the Holiday Cheer With Your Insurance Customers

It’s easy to get overwhelmed over the holidays. Between family celebrations and last-minute work obligations, it can be tough to find the time for what can feel like extra luxuries—such as finding ways to thank your customers at the end of the year. However, this can be a crucial opportunity to cement your relationship with them and ensure you get off on the right foot in the New Year.

How to Make it More Likely Your Content will Go Viral

When content goes viral, it blows up on the web—getting shared, posted, and retweeted millions of times. If your company’s content goes viral, it can get you in front of millions of new customers—and boost sales both immediately and over the long term, in ideal situations. Viral attention can feel like a lightning strike—but it’s more than just magic. While there’s no specific formula, there are a few things you can do to make it more likely your content will go viral. Here are a few.

Four Ways Insurance Agents Can Show Appreciation for Their Customers Over Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks for what you have—and for the people who’ve made a contribution to your life in the past year, whether personally or professionally. It’s also a great opportunity to strengthen your relationships with customers by showing your appreciation for them. Here are a few ideas for how to do that.

Selfies: Yep, You Can Use Them On Your Insurance Social Media. Here’s How.

A lot of people have strong opinions about selfies—they’re either a fun form of self-expression or a symptom of what’s wrong with society in one way or another. But they’re not going away anytime soon. And you can definitely incorporate them into your social media strategy. Here are a few reasons why it’s something you should consider.

Insurance Agents: Getting the Attention of Millennial Customers

Millennials are a huge market—and they need some types of insurance just as much as their older counterparts, if not more. There are plenty of opportunities for insurance agents in marketing to millennials. However, you need to know how to talk to them—and where to find them. Here are a few ideas for successfully capturing millennial attention and selling them insurance.

Five Things New Insurance Agents Can Do to Grow Their Businesses

It is not easy being a new insurance agent. The insurance landscape is rapidly changing, becoming more competitive even as carriers are looking to pay lower commissions; both the economic downturn and the Affordable Care Act have made the industry more difficult to break into than ever.

Still, there are opportunities for new insurance agents to grow their business and thrive—even in these challenging market conditions. Here are a few things you should do immediately as a new insurance agent.

Content Marketing Tips for Insurance Agents

Content marketing is a method of promoting your business that involves the creation of relevant and valuable content—blog articles, webinars, podcasts, ebooks, and a host of other types of content—in order to attract a specific audience. The key is to inform, not to sell—at least not initially. But ultimately, effective content marketing boosts both traffic and sales.

Insurance Agents: Six Tips for Boosting Your Referral Rate

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Word-of-mouth is an important way to get new business—whether you’re just starting out or have an established roster of customers. Referrals are one of the most effective ways of getting new business, because a customer who’s been referred to you is most likely to trust you—they heard good things about you from someone else they trust. A referral that results in new business might seem like a stroke of good luck—but there are a lot of specific things you can do to boost referrals, and this can be one of the most important parts of an insurance agent’s marketing plan.

Screen Sharing- A Great Customer Service Tool for Your Insurance Customers

If you’re an insurance agent, chances are you talk to a lot of your customers on the phone. You can improve your customer service, however, by using screen-sharing technology to enhance your communication with them.

Six Summertime Ideas for Celebrating Your Insurance Customers

It’s summer—and that means beaches, barbecues, and pool parties. It’s also a great time for insurance agents to put a summer marketing plan to work. Summer is a perfect time for showing your customers you care about them and are thrilled to have their business. Here are a few ideas.

Dealing With Negative Reviews and Comments on Social Media: How to Turn the Conversation Around

Social media provides insurance agents with unprecedented opportunities to interact with customers, be part of a conversation, and build relationships. But what happens when the conversation turns negative? One of the scariest and most intimidating aspects of social media for many businesses—and one that stops many people from trying it, or sticking with it—is dealing with negative comments.

Getting More Out of Insurance Continuing Education

Insurance continuing education doesn’t just help you keep your license and certification current. It can also be crucial to keeping you informed about industry rules and regulations. The regulatory landscape differs throughout the states and it’s constantly changing, so it’s crucial that licensed insurance professionals periodically learn about the changes that affect the types of insurance they sell.

Promoting Your Insurance Agency Through Video

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Video marketing is a great way for insurance agents to connect with existing and potential customers. Not only is it efficient and cost-effective—you can film and upload a video from your office for pennies on the dollar, and distribute it for free or practically free across social media—but it’s a great way to bring your personality and passion to an industry that many perceive as being dry and boring. Engage customers, answer questions, and build your business—everybody wins. Here are a few ideas for videos you can film and put up on your social media platforms and websites.

Follow Up and Get More Business: Tips for Insurance Agents and Brokers

If your clients don’t hear from you regularly, chances are you’re missing some opportunities. Even those who invest heavily in their marketing strategies often drop the ball when it comes to following up with customers. If you can adopt a regular, consistent follow-up strategy, you’re sure to make a positive impression. Here are a few tips to help you do that.

A Marketing Budget: Why Insurance Agencies Need One

Lots of insurance agencies spend plenty of money on advertising and marketing—without actually deciding how much money to spend ahead of time. But even if you’re yet to be established and you’re planning on relying on the low-cost and even free marketing options out there for the time being, it’s important to bear in mind that even the cheapest marketing can be expensive. The key is to plan ahead!

Get Involved! Four Ways to Build Exposure for Your Insurance Agency— In the Community You Serve

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For many insurance agencies, most business is local business. True, maximizing your insurance marketing efforts and social media strategy is important—but you can also make connections, and generate revenue, by rolling up your sleeves and getting involved in the community around you. Here are just a few ideas to help you and your employees get out of the office and get involved.

Insurance Agency Phone Etiquette: How to Get It Right

It’s true that some people would rather send a text or email than talk on the phone these days. But insurance coverage can be complicated, and chances are your customers will have plenty of questions that can be handled much more efficiently through a phone conversation. In addition, your business building plan might involve cold-calling. As an insurance agent/broker, you might find yourself on the phone for a large portion of the day. Here’s a list of guidelines for making a good impression on the phone.